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About the Choir

The choir is entering a new and exciting period in its history as, under our Musical Director's guidance, we have the responsibility of enhancing the proud tradition and reputation of the choir.

We have already produced a template of our future direction which is firmly focused on ensuring the continued success of the choir.

Our aspirations are:

* To maintain and increase the membership strength of the choir.

* To achieve the highest standard of musical performance.

* To extend the appeal of the choir to a wider variety of audience.

Our plans and decisions in respect of choice of repertoire, concert engagements, venues, tour programmes and links with our choirs will all be determined by their relevance to achieving these aspirations.  


We will seek to continue and extend our support and sponsorship of young, local musical talent and to help us we are seeking active partnerships with a wide range of organisations and other choirs. If you feel you can help us please contact us.

The choir has continued to sing at a wide range of engagements, from weddings and anniversary celebrations, to charity concerts both locally, nationally and at international venues.

As a registered charity the choir has raised thousands of pounds for worthy causes both locally and nationally and we encourage them contact the choir to seek our support to help raise funds.

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