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A warm welcome from everyone on the Ladies Committee...

The Ladies Committee was formed to support the Choir in its singing and charity work,but over the years it has grown into a group that also exists to raise funds for the choir, enjoy itself and bring fellowship to one and all. You do not need to be attached to anyone in the Choir to be a member of our group.

Our aim is to bring together ladies in good company and fellowship to enjoy ourselves and support worthy causes associated with the Choir.Being involved with the Ladies Comittee and the Choir is a great way to make new friends or catch up with old ones. We meet at the practice hall on a Friday periodically. If you are interested in becoming a member, have ideas to share or wish to receive a regular newsletter of upcoming events and activities you can contact me by completing the details on the Contact Us page on this web site or via the Web Master-

The Committee runs a mailing list for all the ladies connected, and who support our fund raising events. For a yearly subscription of £3 paid in June, you will be sent information of forthcoming fund raising events, through the post.


If anyone is interested in receiving our newsletter, please contact any members of the Ladies Committee listed below:

Gwyneth Nutland, Doreen Dunn, Doreen Walding, Sue Jones, Kim Jones, Olive Jones, Christine Williams, Carol Noonan, Valerie Suter, Lia Tavener, Collette Willis, and Penny Sheppard

If anyone has suggestions for fund raising ideas or day trips please contact one of the Committee and we will discuss any ideas at our next meeting.

All the very best


Mrs.Gwyneth Nutland- Chairperson. 

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